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    Xuum Streaming Media PlayersXuum Streaming Media Players

    Important Announcement Regarding Our Kodi Preloaded Config

    We would like to inform you of some changes that … Continue Reading →

    Firmware versions

    This post provides information on the latest firmware releases. Connect … Continue Reading →

    Using OTA Updater for XUUM

    This guide will show you how to run the OTA … Continue Reading →

    Setting up Static IP addresses and Custom DNS addresses

    Sometimes, instead of relying on the default address given to … Continue Reading →

    Removing Items From The Kodi Favourites List

    Having a favourites list on the main Kodi menu is … Continue Reading →

    Amazon Instant Video No Longer Working

    For those of you who have noticed that Amazon Instant … Continue Reading →

    Installing Apps (apk) and Folder Management Using Filebrowser

    Want to install an App from and apk file or … Continue Reading →

    Time Issue Fixed XUUM USA

    We have released a fix which resolves an issue where … Continue Reading →

    Backing Up Favourites and Add-on Settings Before Running an Update

    Some of you have expressed a wish to keep your … Continue Reading →

    Erasing Your Kodi Config and Starting Again

    Sometimes, Kodi will play up. It may not start correctly, … Continue Reading →

    How to Install External Kodi Sources/Repos

    This guide shows you how to add external sources/repos to … Continue Reading →

    Installing Firmware Using USB Key

    It is now possible to install firmware using a USB … Continue Reading →

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