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    Backing Up Favourites and Add-on Settings Before Running an Update

    Some of you have expressed a wish to keep your settings and favourites for add-ons after you have used the UPDATE addon to force an update. Here is how to do it:

    1) Go into PROGRAMS from the Kodi ribbon menu


    2) From here scroll down and choose XBMC backup


    3) When you open for the first time and choose ‘backup’ you will get an error about setting the path. After the message has gone you will see this settings screen



    4) XBMC BACKUP gives you the option of storing your backs ups locally to an SD card or USB key or remotely to a shared drive or DropBox account.  For this instance we will store to an SD card plugged into the Droidplayer.  Set the remote path type to ‘Browse Path’ and scroll down to ‘Browse remote path’ and select so you can choose where to store your backups. Choose ROOT FILESYSTEM/STORAGE/EXTERNAL_STORAGE/SDCARD1


    Then click OK

    5) Scroll down to ‘File Selection’ and choose what you want to backup. Its advisable to uncheck ‘User Addons’ unless there are a lot of addons you have downloaded and want to keep.AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-05-14-17-03-2

    6) Once this has been setup press OK and come back out to choose XBMC backup again and choose BACKUP.

    7) Once backed up, exit the XBMC backup program and then perform the update using UPDATE which will exit Kodi after completion.

    8) Once you have updated, go back in to PROGRAMS and XBMC Backup and choose Restore. Choose the last backup you completed (ignore message about updating Advanced XML reboot).

    9) After you have restored, choose EXIT and Quit on the Kodi menu ribbon, then start Kodi again. You should now have your favourites and library information restored.

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