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    Installing Apps (apk) and Folder Management Using Filebrowser

    Want to install an App from and apk file or copy and paste folders from SD card to your XUUM? Read on to learn how

    Filebrowser can be found in the ALL APPS section of your device.

    When you open Filebrowser, you will see the window below. The window displays a row of buttons along the top. These are HOME, MULTI-SELECT, EDIT, SORT, RETURN/BACK, VIEW and HELP.

    The window also shows you the current folders selected in the pane below the buttons. By default, it opens to show all storage volumes on the device. Currently the local disk (flah memory) and a USB stick we used for this demo.

    Selecting the HOME button brings you to the page showing storage each time.



    Installing apk app file


    To install an app APK , simply navigate to the storage device that you have the APK located on. In this case the USB stick. Scroll down to the app APK and select it.



    An install window will appear. Choose INSTALL




    Using the edit buttons

    Filebrowser makes it easy to copy and paste files from your box to an SD card, or to delete them in needed.

    Copying, pasting, moving and deleting all hinge on using the one specific button. The multi-select button. This button sits next to the home button and needs to be selected in order for you to choose the file or folder you want to copy or delete.

    It’s important to navigate to the file you want to copy or delete first. Select the button and it will turn yellow

    Once the button is yellow, any folder or file you choose from the below window pane, will be selected with a green tick, meaning that it is subject to your next step (copy or delete etc). In the picture below we have scrolled down and selected the folder called ‘Kodi’


    Next, you scroll up to the ‘edit’ button which will give you a choice of what you would like to do


    Once you have selected your choice, delete, copy etc. it’s important to press the yellow multi-select button again, to turn off multi-select. Other wise, you will not be able to navigate to other folders (it will result in you ‘selecting’ that particular folder instead of going inside it) If you are copying and pasting. simply choose ‘paste’ from the edit menu when you are inside the location you desire.

    Other buttons

    the ‘Sort’ button allows you to sort files and folders by a type




    The return button takes you up a level to the previous folder



    The ‘view’ button change the folder view from icons to list view


    Finally, the ‘?’ button gives you some helpful options




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