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    Xuum Streaming Media PlayersXuum Streaming Media Players

    Win a XUUM Quad Core!

    We are giving away a powerful XUUM Quad-core streaming media … Continue Reading →

    Introducing Our Brand New Interface

    We have been working tirelessly this past month to create … Continue Reading →

    Black Screen Upon Start Up Issue

    It has come to our attention that some users are … Continue Reading →

    Using a VPN with XUUM

    Its easy to configure a VPN with XUUM. In Fact, … Continue Reading →

    XUUM Appearance Changing to Simple Menu Problem

    Sometimes, the XUUM menu ‘Skin’ can change to that of … Continue Reading →

    Adding Shortcuts to Favourites

    Whilst its not currently possible to change the shortcuts that … Continue Reading →

    Installing Add-ons for XUUM Kodi

    It’s simple to obtain more Kodi add-ons for your XUUM … Continue Reading →

    Clearing the Cache on Kodi/XBMC

    Sometimes, the cache on Kodi/XBMC can get logged up with … Continue Reading →

    Guide to Using the Fantastic X3 Remote Air Mouse Keyboard

    The X3 remote air mouse is the perfect companion to … Continue Reading →

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